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Nairobi to Zanzibar Logistics Plan

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Hi, I'm Kim, a Travel Blogger, Travel Content Creator at Work Hard Travel Well.

If you're like me, you crave adventure. Due to limited PTO, it’s hard to step away from the job and/or plan a trip.  I'm obsessed with squeezing the maximum experience out of every precious PTO day.

Through countless trips for both work and play, I've become a master of travel logistics. I can find flight deals, navigate multiple locations smoothly, and make those hard-earned vacation dollars stretch. 

This East Africa travel plan helped me see as much as possible in a little bit of time


Streamline your travel in East Africa with our Logistics Plan. This plan provides clear transportation routes between Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish. Say goodbye to travel uncertainties and hello to hassle-free exploration with our expertly curated plan.

Key Features:

  • Clear transportation routes and modes of travel
  • Detailed flight and ground transportation information
  • Optimized for efficient travel between key destinations

This plan includes 3 videos that show step-by-step details!


Plans & Information: The provided travel logistics plan and any accompanying materials (videos, written guides, etc.) are intended for informational purposes only. While I strive for accuracy, information may change, and it is the traveler's responsibility to confirm all details (flight schedules, accommodation availability, visa requirements, etc.) before booking.

Outcomes and Experiences: I am not responsible for the outcome of any trip, including cancellations, delays, or any negative experiences encountered by the traveler. Travel inherently carries risks, and the traveler assumes full responsibility for their choices and experiences.