Drone stock footage for sale | 8 Places to buy aerial stock footage

Videography and video editing have become very popular lately. Most content creators choose to record video or aerial footage to use it as their primary source to promote their business on YouTube, Instagram, website and other social platforms.

During Covid-19, many content creators have been limited getting out from their homes, mainly because of their city restrictions. It became more difficult to get out and travel to record new video footage, especially aerial.

In such case, we have researched and found the best places to buy drone footage online from top websites that offer standard, 1080p or 4K aerial stock footage of any kind. The majority of those stock platforms are paid.

  1. Gettyimages.com

If you ever wondered which is the best website to find photos, video, or aerial stock footage, that would be gettyimages.com. Getty Images is the world’s best and highest in quality stock website. Photographers and videographers from all over the world, contribute with top-notch and most valuable creative content.

Their rich database and advanced search engine ensure you will find everything you need on almost all categories. However, that comes with a cost. You have to put your hand deep in your pocket if you want to buy the best drone footage with prices starting at $150 per clip.

  1. Storyblocks.com

Storyblocks is a great stock platform with unlimited recourses especially for drone stock footage. With different plans built for your budget, storyblocks.com offers quality photo, audio, and video stock footage. Choose from 800.000 high definition or UHD video drone clips, and bring your vision to life.

Their best plan for unlimited access to all videos and after effects templates starts at $199 annually or $17 / month for individuals and solo entrepreneurs. You can also get a quote for businesses that need a larger number of clips.

  1. Shutterstock.com

Shutterstock is already another great source for those who are looking for quality video drone footage. Every week you get 60.000+ new footage and video clips from top content creators and artists. Their platform is easy to use and to navigate. You get to choose aerial footage sorted by popularity, best match, and fresh content or random.

Choose clips with 4K, HD and SD quality, total duration or low/high FPS. Shutterstock.com currently offers a 25% discount on all videos. You have the option to buy a 5 pack, 10 pack and 25 pack subscription. Their price for 5 SD clips comes at $299, 5 HD clips at $359 and 5 4K clips at $599. They also provide royalty-free stock footage from over 14.000 stock videos.

  1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a more affordable choice for aerial stock footage. Their database contains over 900.000 clips of all kind including motion graphics. You can choose between 23.98 to 60 FPS frame rate, any length, looped, and alpha channel stock videos.

To download their clips, you need to buy a subscription. Their individual plan starts at $16.50 per month and includes all categories (video, photos, audio, graphics, templates, fonts, add-ons, courses and tutorials, etc.). They also provide a better “team subscription plan” from $10.75 per month for up to 5 members.

Drone Stock Footage

  1. Vreel.co

Vreel is a stock drone footage platform created for content creators based in Stockholm, Sweden. They are dedicated in uploading top drone footage and pay pilots to do it! Choose over 8000+ dynamic stock drone footage including nature collection, city, vehicle, people and sports, Nordic, tropical and many more.

At vreel.co you get to enjoy royalty-free licensing, unlimited downloads, zero restrictions, unrivalled value, dynamic content and quality assurance. With basic plans starting at 69 Euro (billed monthly) you get to download and experience high-quality drone videos.

  1. Videezy.com

Videezy is a mixed free and paid video stock platform offering HD and 4K videos. Choose royalty free drone stock videos with any license type, resolution, format or length.

If you want to download a “pro video” you have to buy credits. Individual credits cost $19 for 1 credit, $39 for 5 credits and $49 for 10 credits (best value for money). It’s a good choice for those who want to create a fun project and need extra aerial footage to implement into their project.

  1. Artgrid.io

Artgrid offers a story-driven footage from the world’s top videographers. They are dedicated to filmmaking and provide high resolution drone clips from around the world. They offer monthly subscriptions for up to 8K clips starting at $24.92/month. On those subscriptions they include HD, H.264 format, 4K clips, ProRes / DNxHR, graded footage, universal Artgrid license and unlimited downloads.

8. Work Hard Travel Well.com

Check out drone stock footage from travels from around the world.


The cost of aerial stock footage has been increased dramatically the past few years. That’s because businesses demand higher quality footage for their promotions, especially if they want to create unique projects using specialized creative clips.

If you can spend a significant amount of money for your projects, Getty Images is the number one choice. For those who are looking to spend much less money, Envato Elements and Vreel, are both great to get high-quality footage at reasonable pricing!


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