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Why I Don't Count Countries

db59e4beea4d22e14fa8b51e7354bbbfI traveled a lot when I was younger but it was by car or during a church event via bus. During college I initially thought I would double major with one focus in Spanish and study abroad. I didn't take my first big trip wasn't until 2007 out to Los Angeles. Since then I made it a point to plan at the very least one trip a year. I've traveled a lot in the U.S. but for whatever reason I never revisited the idea of going out of the country until 2012.  I took my first international trip and never traveled out of the country again until 2014 (birth of! Why I don't count countries:
  1. The amount of countries I've been to does not really add any value to my overall resume unless I'm applying for ae174ae308a24416bba6f022fbe949851 job that requires International Business experience. In which case there may be additional educational requirements.
  2. I don't have an online dating profile but if I did I can't imagine in my bio the amount of countries I've visited would be in it. In the same token I don't talk about it on initial dates. If we become serious you don't have to love travel as much as I do but be open to the idea of traveling or understand ("respeck")  that I am perfectly fine with solo trips.ba1d86d5886f4864b6cb5e74545056fc
  3. I'm not in a competition. I once started tumblr account to visit 30 different places by the age of 30. After around the counting stopped and I just begin to enjoy the journey.
  4. I want to travel deeper. I don't want to plan to visit a bunch of countries if I can't plan correctly. I had a 23 hr layover in Dubai and although I saw a lot I feel like I missed out on things due to poor planning as I was focused more on the Thailand aspect of the trip. I've been to Iceland for a short time and feel I missed a lot by compacting it into 4/5 days. I prefer to spend ample enough time to explore the country beyond the main highlights.1204
  5. No one really asks about this information in the travel blogging community. When I attended TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference), no one talked about how many countries. It was more so about the niche of the blog and audience.
  6. As the reader, the quantity of the countries does nothing for you. As a writer I am more concerned with helping readers with travel tips and reporting of the quality of the trip to help save readers time and money.
  7. I am not willing to sacrifice a certain level of comfort and quality of travel to increase the amount of countries I visit per year. I know me and I'm not to the couch surfing stage. Please understand I have nothing against those who do. :) At the same token even though I know I'm not going to be in the room often I can't justify spending money on dirty rooms and/or bad service. I'm trying out Air BnB next month so I will have more on that later! Which brings me to my next point.
  8. I don't want the pressure of country counting to tempt me to go broke. I travel at a pace that is comfortable for me that doesn't cause me to go into debt.
  9. I'm not big into humble bragging but that applies to all areas of my life. You will never hear me constantly talk about how I'm running out of pages on my passport. None of my bios include a country count.
  10. I'm saving some countries/travel for my future family. Call me sappy but there are a few places I'd like to experience for the first time with future husband and/or kids.couple-498457_960_720
Everyone has their own journey and while I seek to inspire travel, I also promote you find your own travel journey and find what works for you. This is my take on the matter. What do you think? Comment below!   [shopify embed_type="product" shop="" product_handle="mens-whtw-tank-various-colors" show="all"]

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