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What's It Really Like on Spirit Airlines

Yes, I admit I have flown Spirit Airlines. I flew out of FLL to ATL via Spirit and it was not because I wanted to save money. Prior to my booking I saw tweets about the excessive baggage fees and the fact that they sell Funyuns and Ramen makes it soul plane-ish. While looking at flights I needed to leave in the evening and unfortunately the only flight available was on Spirit. The base flight cost for a one way FLL-ATL was $63.09 purchased less than a week prior. Paying for a checked bag an additional $30. It was about the same as Delta but like I said I needed a certain time.

The booking process was a little sketchy, it took me a couple of times as the system kept timing out. I thought, is that you God? I finally purchased and read the print about printing boarding pass to avoid paying extra fees. I was able to print at the hotel. Easy.

Check In/Baggage Drop

I arrived at the airport with what I knew might be an overweight bag. They had scale at the FLL airport so I weighed it, it was over 50lbs. As I try to move stuff to my carry on bag/purse (which is free as long as it fits) I notice something I didn’t notice while purchasing the ticket. The checked bag I paid for only included 40 lbs. I am used to the 50 lbs requirement. After several attempts I didn’t get it down to 40 so I went to the counter dreading. The additional over 40-under 50 was $25 more dollars. I didn’t have a choice. I could have layered up I guess (or pack less) but no. I didn’t think I would receive that much from attending TBEX. The baggage drop was fairly simple, staff was cordial. I did see couple of frustrated patrons yelling due to some baggage issues and they shouted about getting all the way to gate and told to come back and check bags essentially missing the flight. Bags checked at the gate are $100.00 so don't try to sneak a bag past the security check point thinking you will be checked for free.


My flight was delayed I think I got home close to 2 hrs later than expected. That was not good due to a tight schedule I was on for the next day. Also I rushed to airport when I could have taken extra time. The boarding process was kind of confusing but I think it may be because it was my first time. Once on the plane it was clean, staff was nice. Now the seats were tight but not as tight as I expected. I was more so uncomfortable on the back. Thank God the flight was under 2 hrs. I glanced at the menu and there was definitely Raman noodles. I didn't take any pics due to the late flight and just tired.

All in all it was better than expected, if I had packed better and there wasn’t a delay I’d be ok. If you are going to travel via spirit:

-Prepare for delays

-Prepay for bags and know the weight limits, weigh bag before leaving and give yourself enough space for additional things brought during trip.

-Bring a pillow for your back or additional comfort.

-Bring your own snacks if needed on carry on.

Would I fly spirit again? Meh. If I wasn’t in a hurry and found a decent cost for ashort trip. I was kind of embarrassed to book the flight, but I’m a travel writer and I’m here to report on all things travel! Sure it may not always be glamourous but the main goal is to travel well. Becoming well-traveled can mean whatever fits your budge, schedule or preferences. The main end goal is TRAVEL!

Would you fly Spirit? If you already have, what's been your recent experience?


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