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Travel Beyond the Likes: #ThankfulForTravel

Family, friends and health are high on the list of things to be thankful for as we approach the end of the year and enter into the holiday season. At the end of November I challenged readers on Instagram to share their travel photos, things they have learned, experiences, or encounters that make them appreciate travel. Find out what makes these travelers thankful for travel. Follow them on Instagram!

1) @jessica_esquire- "My favorite part is being able to experience the culture." Captured at Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, Spain.


 2) @paradisewithproctor-"I'm thankful for any opportunity I get to explore other parts of the world, experience different cultures, and make new friends, both domestic and international, along the way. Thank you, Travel!" Captured in Dubai, UAE.


3) @tie_face -"I'm thankful for travel because it opens your eyes to the beauty of the World, you get to meet exciting people, experience different cultures, live outside your comfort zone and discover yourself in a new environment."  Captured in Liwa Oasis, UAE.


 4) @pbs_kamikaze8- "I am thankful for travel because it allows me to be able to experience new cultures and the way people live and survive. I'm also thankful because I get to live and learn some of the history." Captured in Cairo, Egypt.


5) @amywahome - "I'm appreciative of the blessings I have that I'm able to travel and see so much the world has to offer, which surprises our imagination. I also get a different perspective on life and appreciate the diverse cultures." Captured at the Yeepeng Lanna International Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand


6)@d.xplorer - "I'm thankful for the constant discoveries I make while traveling, discovering about my own culture, about history and other perspectives, and mostly discovering myself. I'm thankful for all the beautiful encounters, and new friends. I'm even thankful for the problems and misadventures happening while traveling, they make great stories and prepare you to adapt to any situation!" Captured at the Trấn Quốc Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam.

 7) @iam.khristina - "I come from Serbia. In my country, people do not have so many opportunities to travel abroad. I am grateful for all the things I learned, saw and experienced on my travels. Meeting people of different nationalities , their culture and customs while traveling make things seen from a different angle, more beautiful and more comprehensive perspective. Those days and moments can not be forgotten, picture in your mind and feelings that awaken in us are irreplaceable."  Captured in Paris, France.

 8) @afriendafar -"I think traveling outside our comfort zones makes us all a little more understanding, a little more compassionate. It makes the world feel just a little more connected." Captured in Versailles, France.

 9) @rock_a_crown -"I'm thankful for the opportunity to travel. The past 6 years of travel have been nothing short of amazing. I have grown so much and I know much of it can be contributed to new experiences, conversations and opportunities that have been presented to me via traveling. I have shattered many misconceptions/myths through my experience and can motivate friends and family alike to do the same. See it all, while you still can!" Captured in San Francisco.


10) @passportnlipstick -"I'm so graciously thankful to have the opportunity to explore and experience this world God has given us. I'm thankful for all cultural differences as this promises I will always learn something new and equally thankful for everyone I've encountered during my travels who's embraced and welcomed me. Humanity is indeed, on the rise 😊" Captured in Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur.

11)@sale_n_dreamz - "I am thankful for travel because It allows me to step outside of my comfort zone by experiencing new cultures and a different way of life." Captured at Mt Fuji 5th Street Station.

12) @royal_eze -Thankful to be able to live in Hawaii while traveling the world to visit family and friends. Much mahalo" Captured in Honolulu, Hawaii.

13) @thejetlagqueen -"I'm so thankful for the journey because I come out of it a different person. Travel always makes you look at things from a different perspective and take things into consideration that you never thought about before. I'm thankful for the people that I have met throughout my journey and the bonds of friendship that were created that I am still in touch with. Now I have friends in many parts of the world and soon I hope to make plans to visit them all again."  Captured in Santorini Island, Greece.


I loved all of the responses. I could not agree more! Travel is so much more than a quick post for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or the Vine. We don't just travel for likes and popularity. Travel has has a powerful effect on each individual's journey.

I'm thankful for travel because it has always provided an escape from any chaos or stress. It has pushed me beyond my comfort zone from biking the golden gate bridge to a "photo shoot" with tigers. I'm thankful for all the lessons learned. Travel creates lasting memories with family and strengthens bonds with friends. I have become a better story teller because of travel. I appreciate the opportunity and what I've learned about other cultures.-Kim/@workhardtravelwell 

 Captured in Phuket, Thailand


What have you things have you learned or experienced that make you thankful for travel? Comment below!

*Photos are owned by credited Instagram users

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