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              Besides making sure your bag is within the weight requirement or making sure your items in your carry-on bags are compliant. I make sure I take care of the following before I jet set off to my next destination: Set your out of office and voicemail notification: In a day of instant everything, people take offense when you don’t respond right away. Set proper expectations. Pay your upcoming bills: Who wants to worry about bills on vacation and you might not have internet access. I use the mint/pageonce app that has all of...

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  In 2014 most people may not know I walked away from a level 2 Management position from a company I’d been with for 7 years. I started saving in 2013 to make my move. After I quit my job I had to ensure I was able to survive off the money I saved for at least a year. I quit for a variety of reasons that would require several other posts :) I cut back drastically on a lot of things. I budgeted everything on a spreadsheet for at least a year but forgot to include travel. :( Since...

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  Last week I discussed the pros and cons of travel reward credit cards. This week I want to get into the fine line between travel and debt. It's always tempting to cure your desire to travel by any means necessary. Throughout my travels and balancing work, I have learned alot about managing finances and being able to travel the world. Here are some things I learned that helped me or I had to learn the hard way. Set travel goals for the year. I set travel goals for the first time at the end of 2015 and it has...

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 Just because you work hard and travel well does not mean you have to break the bank. I have always been on the lookout for a great deal! When I plan a trip I have tons of windows open on my computer to compare letting a flight deal determine my destination, packaged deals or booking separate flight (with miles redemption or specials) with hotel. I work from an excel worksheet and make the decision after number crunching and reading reviews. Before I book I always check for promotion codes. Here are a few tips to help you travel for cheap....

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