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I follow a lot of bloggers on social media and was constantly jealous of all of the networking and conferences I saw in the DC area. One day I googled blogger networking opportunities in my area and the first link led me to Travel Massive. An upcoming event was near with a special meeting with Scott Eddy and Zipkick. I immediately signed up as I am very familiar with Scott since we follow each other on social media. I arrived at the event in Sept 2015 and everyone was nice and it was a great networking time. I learned about...

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As a part of the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference I attended this year, there were tours that allowed us to become familiar with the area. Angella from The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau (#HelloSunny) picked us up. We were starving so our first stop that wasn’t scheduled was to Tom Jenkins restaurant.  A soul food staple of Fort Lauderdale.   Great soul food with bbq sauce that makes you want to break out in song.  Thanks Bam Bam for getting us in and out as quick as possible. The food was so good that I got a plate on...

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Recently I joined the Travel Massive Atlanta Chapter.  If you are a travel blogger or work in the tourism industry you should check out your local chapter. Fun and social events around the city to connect with other bloggers and industry members. Think meetup.com for all things travel related. :) At my first meeting I learned that a lot of members were making plans to attend TBEX in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The idea sounded great but it was less than a month a way. I didn't think much of it but started to hear more and more about it so...

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