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    I posted a question on Instagram a few months prior to my trip, asking followers which cities would they visit in Italy if they only had 8 days. I listed about 8 and was instantly met with criticism of not enough time to see everything. Seemed like a challenge to me and I gladly accepted. :)   A photo posted by Kim| (@workhardtravelwell) on Feb 8, 2016 at 9:04am PST In all seriousness, it would be nice to take weeks and maybe even a month to soak in all of Italy but everyone doesn't have that time or...

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There is something so special about a trip when you live like a local.  You experience the true culture and better food.  During my first trip to Rome I had the pleasure of touring the Colosseum and underground tour of the Colosseum and ancient Rome with LivItaly Tours.   It was very easy to locate the LivItaly team in front of the metro stop for the tour. Although it rained, our Guide Rachel was in great spirits. Our group consisted of 6 total. I loved the small size group which I felt gave us a better opportunity to ask questions. Not...

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I must admit when I researched Iceland prior to our trip I was very worried when I read about local food including Shark and Lamb hotdogs and other Foreign menu Items. I was convinced I would be snacking most of the day. That is why I packed alot of snacks (listed in How To Survive Iceland post). I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I only had to eat out for lunch and dinner mostly as our hotel provided a buffet breakfast in the trip package cost. If you really want to save you could pack food from breakfast for...

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  Updated 2017 Last year I polled my friends to get their thoughts on Groupon Getaways.  When I saw the price of some I was somewhat skeptical about the validity of the deals. The consensus was that they were legitimate deals but don’t expect luxury hotels on the package deals. A few months later a friend approached me about purchasing a Groupon Getaway to Iceland. Normally I like to spend a day before booking to research area and deals on the top hotels but this time I was spontaneous and booked quickly. The details of the Groupon Getaway Deal:  $849...

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When I first heard about going to Iceland I thought to myself, "I have nothing to wear!" I grew up in Atlanta, Ga owning probably a couple of pea coats and leather bomber jackets to brave our “cold” weather. This was also my first European trip. Here are some of the items that I’m glad I purchased for this trip and will definitely come in handy for additional winter trips! Columbia Women's Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot The supply of winter boots in Atlanta, was very scarce. If you add features such as waterproof and insulation, good luck! After surfing...

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