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Raise The Macallan: Whiskey Tasting Recap

Last week I had the chance to attend the Raise the Macallan event in Atlanta. This may be repetitive to most but what is the Macallan some ask? The Macallan distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Craigellachie, Moray in Scotland. What’s the difference between Bourbon and Scotch Whiskey? This is another question I had. Hopefully I’m not alone. After talking with our unofficial resident whiskey expert Erica Gordon. >:) I learned they are not only geographically different but they are also made with different ingredients. Scotch whiskey is produced in Scotland and made from mostly malted barley and aged in oak barrels for three years or more and tends to have a smokey taste. Bourbon is produced stateside in an area of “Old Bourbon” in Kentucky. It is distilled from corn. The Macallan distillery produces a core Sherry Oak series, the 12-year-old, the 18-year-old is widely distributed, a 10-year-old cask strength expression at 58% ABV. Expensive 25- and 30-year-old versions can also be found. This was my first encounter with Macallan and it was a great one. Currently the brand is touring select cities in the U.S. and providing free tastings. Yes, you read it right! Free! Now I won’t go into how each tasted as I want you to enjoy for yourself. However I will recap the this well put together event. Raise the Macallan After you sign up you will receive a Macallan ID. Have this bar code ready for getting in along with your ID. The event is about an hour and a half. The invitation says business casual but in true Atlanta fashion most were dressed to the nines/cocktail attire :) [video width="640" height="1136" mp4=""][/video]   Once checked in you go into a room to have your first tasting and get to experience an interactive room filled with stations such as smelling and learning about the colors. There was also light bites, professional photographer and a display of old and in amortization  Macallan. Macallan Whiskey The presentation was in a separate nicely decorated room with high and low tables of about 5-6 people. There was a VIP section. We learned about the 3 expressions and gave our feedback on a screen on the table using our Macallan ID. I loved all of them but my favorite was the Macallan Double Cask! Macallan Double Cask   Bonus tip! Tweet with #RaisetheMacallan during the event and before you go into the presentation part for a chance to win an additional tasting and VIP experience. Make sure your account is public. Macallan Rare Cask To view the remaining cities and get tickets or learn more about the brand click here. Have you had Macallan before? Which is your favorite expression? Comment below!  

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