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Arden's Garden Love Your Liver Cleanse

I love to travel but I hate the pounds gained through all the good food. I've recently done detoxes to jump start a new workout program and eating habits. This time around I took it up a notch and tried Arden's Garden 3 day Love your liver cleanse. I've read how an annual liver cleanse helps get rid of a lot of toxins and helps fight depression and gives you energy along with losing weight. I purchased from the East Point, GA location however it is recommended that you pre-order to make sure they have all of the juices available. I didn't read the ingredients before purchase, had I read i probably would not have done. It is recommended before to do two days of raw vegetables and fruits and two days after to do two days of raw vegetables and fruits. I was not able to fully commit to two days before but i did drink mostly homemade smoothies but had chicken and cookies the night before the cleanse. The cleanse is 17 different Arden's Juices for $50 at the store, it cost more online. Day 1 -I started the cleanse but forgot to buy distilled water. I drank purified the first day, you wake up to lemon juice and water then carrot juice and the most disgusting thing ever, Multi-max juice (celery, kale, spinach, and lemon juice) Drinking celery is ummm yeah gross. I don't like carrots but the carrot juice was a piece of cake compared to the others. Apple juice for lunch was the best one. I didn't work out that day but got hungry during juicing. I decided to mix vanilla GNC protein shake with multimax because it was so nasty. Dinner consisted of salad in a glass which is beets, celery, kale, spinach. It was hands down the nastiest thing ever. I found myself holding my breath while drinking. I couldn't finish all so i drank a lot of water and went to bed. I brought a lot of gallons of distilled halfway through first day and drank a full gallon each day Day 2. A little more tolerable but i was still craving food. I was slept better as i have been have sleeping problems but still had a lot of energy. I finished all the juices and went to the gym this day and had enough energy for kickboxing. There is a big controversy if you should work out or not during juicing but after so many mixed reviews I went ahead and worked out. I couldn't let a whole week go by and get in a habit of not working out. I had the most energy ever and could have worked out longer than a hour but i left. Day 3. Finished all juices and vowed to never do again. If i do a juice again i will make them myself for less sugar. I exceed my sugar count each day with these juices according to my fitness pal. I wasn't that hungry on the third day but forced myself to finish all juices. After the cleanse i stuck to eating only raw vegetables and fruit. I threw the remaining juice and fruits and made a smoothie for breakfast. The key is to eat small and often once off a cleanse. For dinner ate at Loca Luna in Atlanta, and was nervous i would break my diet but they had an awesome Quinoa salad and vegetable kabobs. Who knew quinoa could taste so good. Loca Luna Atlanta At the end I lost 6lbs total and have sustained 5 a week after. I will say i ate terrible the weekend following cleanse sigh. My head was so clear after the cleanse and I really could feel a difference after the cleanse. I wont be doing it anytime soon. I prefer the 2 day cleanse in previous post. Really do your research before any cleanse and be prepared to eat healthy before and after or else its a waste of time and money.    


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