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An Unbeatable Way to See the Golden Gate Bridge

    If you visit San Francisco and plan to see the Golden Gate Bridge I believe the best way to see the bridge is by bike. I have had the pleasure of biking the bridge twice. It was a wonderful experience!  You can go from Fisherman’s Wharf and end in Sausalito or bike the bridge and turn around at the end of the bridge and come back to the city.  Here are a few companies I recommend for bike rentals. Check online for specials or with your hotel for coupons. 1) Basically Free Bike Rentals by SportsBasement 1196 Columbus Street (415) 741-1196 Open 8am-8pm daily This company offers free bike rentals! For the cost of their bikes they will give you a store credit where you can find sports supplies and souvenirs. If you don’t use the credit you pay for the bike. Their rental location is in Fisherman’s Wharf but the store front location is closest to the bridge allowing for easy shopping on your way back to the city. This is option is great if you don’t plan to go to end in Sausalito. 2)Bay City Bike Tours

2828 Jones St. Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, CA

Their bikes look a lot newer than Blazing Saddles. Prices seemed competitive and shirt prices were competitive as well. Check their website for discounts for online reservations. 3)Blazing Saddles This company offers a convenient location at Pier 41 and staffed with a lot of workers to handle the traffic. This is the only one I have used and I can tell you their bikes come with pouches, helmet, lock and key and straps to hold down bags and jacket. Offers an option to buy a ticket to ride a ferry back from Sausalito and late night return options. SanFrancisco_120x90 Tips for biking the bridge:
  • Start early: Give yourself enough time to get to the bridge and catch the good weather. I’ve noticed the sun tends to shine mid-morning and some of the afternoon. The route is filled with hills and great photo opportunities, so you want to give yourself enough time. Some places estimate 2 hours for the total trip but my first time it took me 4 hrs or more to go from the city to Sausalito. I wished I had started earlier so that I could explore Sausalito.
  • Charge your cameras: This is a long journey. My first ride, my batteries died and I was stuck with no phone or camera the second half of the trip. Second time around I used an Anker Extended battery and had no issues.
  • Dress in Layers: The route to the bridge can have completely different weather than on the bridge. It is very windy and cold on the bridge.
  • Stretch: Be sure to stretch before and after the bike ride. You may want to save this excursion for your last full day. I’m very active and was forced to use icy hot and was in a lot of pain after my ride.
  • Understand the route: This is not a pick up the bike right at the bridge and ride. It is a total of about 8 miles to Sausalito. I was told after the bridge it is downhill to Sausalito. It does start of downhill but there are hills as well. Also as a solo rider the road to Sausalito was very deserted, kind of creepy sometimes. I thought if a dog was loose I would be done, at that point I was running on E. Check the ferry schedule before parking your bike in Sausalito. This will let you know how much time you have to spend in Sausalito. If you miss the ferry you will have to take an expensive taxi back to San Francisco.
  • Be prepared: Be sure to wear the right active clothing and proper tennis shoes. Also be sure your bike seat is set to give you a slight bend. Normally having the seat the same level as your waist helps. Also be sure not to lock your elbows while riding. Purchase water at the blazing saddles shop or bring it with you.
  • Go to Sausalito if you have time. Stop for food at Scoma’s they will take care of you!
From Union Square you can take the F-line bus to all of these locations. What are some tips you have for the bike ride? Have you rented a bike from another shop that you would like to recommend? Comment below!
See the Golden Gate Bridge

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