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Allow Me to Re-Introduce "Work Hard Travel Well"

Work Hard

The creation of the mantra Work Hard Travel Well stemmed from wanting to change my lifestyle that was all work and no fun, no travel. For a while I only traveled maybe once or twice a year. It wasn't due to the lack of funds but I was more so worried about taking off from work. I was in Sales so every business day of the month is important. Taking off at the beginning of the year or end of month was unspeakable. Well, at least that's how the culture in my office felt. Vacation was normally reserved for summer and winter holidays. When I did manage to take off work I constantly checked my work blackberry and brought my computer along to catch up on work. dsc_4481 I can vividly remember being invited to All Star Weekend. A friend already researched ticket prices and travel costs (which is rare since my friends always rely on me).  I was excited but ultimately declined due to not wanting to take off due to new changes in my position. This was over 5 years ago and it's still a decision I shake my head at to this day.  


It took me a very long time in my Corporate America career before I found that balance between working hard and self care. Five years and 3 promotions (2012) into my career is when I finally realized that I needed to find a healthy balance between working hard and something I love (travel).  I worked for a huge company that laid off a lot of people every year. I started to realize that I was missing out on a lot due to my hard work ethic. It hit me one day that if something were to happen to me I could easily be replaced in my position.

Travel Well

In 2012 I took my first international trip and the following years I begin to travel a lot (well). Any time off from work felt like a waste if I did not have a trip planned. I begin to let go and leave work at in the office. A friend reminded me often that since I am not in medicine the work could wait until I return. :) Also travel well meant for me to have a great trip and still remain comfortable. There are just some hotels or accommodations I will not use because I feel like if I've worked hard enough I should be abl to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor. However, I never pay full price for anything, I've managed to find discount airfare or use miles by sticking with one primary airline. I also use a lot of promo codes and tips listed in my frequently updated "Work Hard Travel Without Breaking the Bank" post. Travel Well enough and you will find yourself. I have definitely learned a lot from traveling. From learning about the culture within Thailand to surviving domestic and international solo trips.


I started this movement to inspire the thought of Travel as a reward for working hard. It is not limited to working hard in corporate America. It includes working hard to create your own business. Working hard in the gym. Whatever your goals are when you work hard and achieve them don’t forget to reward yourself. I strongly believe that the reward of travel is better than any new expensive handbag, a new pair of sneakers or a table at the new nightclub. When you look at your monthly budget and reallocate money spent on eating out or going out you might find it is easy to put aside money into a travel fund. Rather it be a road trip to a neighboring city or a 21 hour flight across the world. Travel provides lifetime memories and with each new trip you learn something new about yourself. At every stage of your life it allows you to strengthen bonds with family, significant others and friends. If nothing else you have a really great story to tell your kids. This website is to share my travel journey and encourage others to create/further define their own travel journey. I also seek to help people achieve their travel goals. It's one thing to see someone in an awesome travel photo. I want to take it a step further from, "I wish that was me" to "what steps do I need to take to get there!" I am very excited for the new website design! It is easier to use and includes expanding the Travel Well Crew to include social media profiles where you can login/create an account to connect with other travelers, share itineraries, create groups  for an upcoming trip and much more! What does, "Work Hard Travel Well" mean to you. What tools will help you create a healthy balance between your hard work to achieve your dreams and goals and see the world? Comment below for to be entered into a drawing for the signature Work Hard Travel Well shirt from the new Travel Well Collection. Check out the other ways you can enter! -Must be a U.S. resident -Contest ends May 31st at 11:59 pm ET -Winner will be selected/announced 12 pm ET June 1st and shirt will be delivered within 5-10 business of winner selecting size and color.   dsc_4531dsc_45191  

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