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A First Timer's Guide to AirBnb

My first attempt at AirBnb was an interesting one. I signed up and attempted to try a local Atlanta property for a staycation. Most responses included something along the lines of,"not available for one night or people without reviews (history). I was a little turned off by the responses. It was not until my recent trip to Italy that I looked AirBnB again to save serious money in Rome. Rome hotel prices were $250+a night for a decent and well located room. I found one property close to a Colosseum that was within my price range and I also received a discount for my first stay by using a referral promotion of $25 off of $75+stays. Total for 2 nights $251 [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Guide to Airbnb Our street in Rome[/caption] The host Valenita was very friendly and very patient. I enjoyed my stay and the set up was a perfect base for us to explore Rome. Here are things I now know for the next trip:
  1.  Read all of the reviews, past the first page. Some don't have reviews but I took the time to read all of the reviews so I knew what to expect.
  2. Check the amenity list and even confirm again with the host to be sure. The property I stayed in has washer listed but the washer did not work.
  3. Understand the check in/check out time. Ask questions if you need to divert from those time before you book. Some hosts may not allow late check out/early check in or some may charge a fee. Work it out before booking because it's not like a hotel where you can change the day of.
  4. Pay attention to the payment and cancellation policy. When you book an AirBnb you pay instantly. Cancellation varies per host. Read up on the different levels from flexible to super strict.
  5. Download the AirBnb app so that you can communicate with your host as you travel. This is especially key when travelling international and need to communicate. You can also look at other ways to communicate while abroad with your host. Most have whats app but the AirBnb app should be sufficient.
  6. Look up the best route and mode of transportation before arrival. Especially important for international travel.
  7. Check out the guidebooks for travel tips for different cities. It will be listed in the drop down when you click on your Avi in the right hand corner
  8. Completely fill out your profile and verified tasks. This will help hosts get to know you better and increase chances of acceptance.
  Here are a few photos from the property I stayed at in Rome. It was perfect for our needs (2 people) and right across from the Colosseum. Some of the photos are directly from AirBnb as I can verify the condition matches the photos. I arrived late night and it rained the whole time so I was not able to capture great pics. image image [caption id="attachment_725" align="alignnone" width="180"]Rome Airbnb One full bed[/caption] I am definitely more open to AirBnb now. It saved us a ton of money in Rome and I felt right at home. Check out more tips of Rome. What are some tips you would give to AirBnb first timers? Comment below

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