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8 Tips To Help Your Relationship Survive A Baecation

Many people believe that a way to test a relationship is to travel with your significant other. It is said to bring you closer together, allow you to see how a person manages money and handles various situations. However, what do you when you get to the destination is just as important as the decision to travel with your significant other for the first time.

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OK Now that we have that completed!

Here are 8 tips for surviving your first baecation

1.Discuss The Budget Before Booking

Are you going dutch on the trip? Is the guy planning to pay for the whole trip? (Guys are reading as, why are we expected to pay lol) Or is it a mixture of  dutch and the guy treating to certain things on a trip. If you do plan to go dutch it is important to know how a person travels. What does your significant other expect to spend on the trip?Do they like to couch surf or stay in hostels but you'd rather be in a 4 or 5 star? Are they too good for coach? Who gets the points?  You can do a quick assessment of your loyalty programs and decide who is using their points.  Getting that number of what your significant others plan to spend up front can save a lot of time and help narrow down when you will travel and to which destination.


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2.Open Communication

Be up front about expectations and things you want to accomplish on the trip. What are things you really want to see? Keep the communication open before the trip so that either party can keep up with what's going on. For some important developments in the trip, it may be better to discuss in person or over the phone.


3. Co Pack

Along the lines of communication. Discuss who will be bringing what items on the trip. There is no reason for each person to bring a bottle of bug spray unless you will be gone for months. Find out what common items can be shared to eliminate packing a lot. Don't forget to pack snacks that you both like.  Also discuss what type of bags each is bringing so that you know what you have to work with. If need be at the end of the trip, you can put excess items into the other person's bag. As you prepare for the trip and continue to discuss what activities you want to do this will help you remember to pack the items needed for the activities. I.E. bringing your own beach towel or a nice formal outfit for a fancy dinner.



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4. Build in Relaxation and Healthy Space Into The Itinerary

Depending on how your accommodation is set up be sure to build in individual relaxation and down time. This can be anywhere from a spa treatment, working out or each person in their own area doing something they like to do such as reading a book, napping or catching up on a show. This will allow you to quickly re-charge and finish out the trip. Do what works for you but remember safety.


5. Respect

Before the trip, you have already discussed what type of activities a person likes to do. During the trip remember to respect each others boundaries. If one does not want to go sky-diving or visit wild animals, don't think that the adventure and romance will change their mind during the trip.

6. Create Your System of Organization

It's always good to know who  is the organized one, the one you can trust to book the right things and/or keep track of payments and tours. It can be as simple as a google drive folder to keep up with any forms and confirmation of any tours, air travel and other payment folders. Find out what works for both. This can help to eliminate any tension while out of the country. Don't forget to make sure to print important documents or make sure the folder is accessible offline for use.


7. Be Able To Compromise and Be Flexible

Don't forget to incorporate an equal amount of activities each person wants to do on the trip. As with all travel you have to be flexible. You never know what will happen when you get to a destination. Be open to any changes that can happen and be patient with each other.

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 8.Show Appreciation

Don't forget to give props throughout the trip if you enjoyed the activities each planned. A simple "that was a cool tour, thanks for picking that out" can go a long way. At the end reiterating how you enjoyed the trip is a positive reinforcement to ensure more baecations in the future.


These are a few tips to ensure you maintain your relationship after the trip. What advice would you add for those taking a trip with a significant other? Comment below!


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